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14 June, 2016

LaTanya McQueen, "The Balloonist Dreams of Flight"

The story is written in third-person POV and present tense. The story takes place in Mettlach, near the borders of France and Luxembourg. Henrik's father is a shoe cobbler. Henrik's mother died when he was very young and he's learned how to spend time alone. He discovers the story of the first balloonist in one of his picture books and he becomes enamored. However, his father insists that he become a doctor, so he does. Then becomes estranged and after the father dies, he fulfills his dream of flying in a hot-air balloon and "As Henrik's balloon lifts higher, the distance between them grows. He continues watching as it slowly begins to fall until at last it's disappeared." His father had taken from Henrik his prized woodcut picture of Rozier, the first balloonist, and the woodcut image  takes flight and is released by Henrik.

"The Balloonist Dreams of Flight" was published in number 8 of Booth in 2015. Booth is published by Butler University.