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21 May, 2016

Linda Merelle, "Seeing"

The first-person story, "Seeing," shows Taylor in jail, evidently for the fifth or sixth time. His cousin--we never know male or female--is called upon to help Taylor's girlfriend with an "errand" which turns out to be cleaning out, stealing, an old woman's stuff from her house while she's in the hospital. It seems that Taylor is not necessarily a bad or dangerous guy and his girlfriend, Annette, desperate to raise some money steals from the old woman, "she won't need them," attitude. Practicality and desperation drive her. This story reminds me that we are animals and tend towards survival of the fittest, or strongest, or most daring, or least fearful, etc. We never really learn what is at the root of Taylor's repeated incarcerations but I fear it's a story too common. "Seeing" is included in Red Rock Review, issue number twenty-five, 2010.