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09 March, 2016

Edward Micus, "YMCA" and "So We Shot" / Nick Healy "The Ring Test"

There's a great short story in the current issue of The Wax Paper, "The Ring Test," by Nick Healy. While it's mostly about a young boy who covers for his sister who smokes pot and runs away from home and generally causes their mother a lot of consternation. What I especially enjoyed--nostalgia hooked me--was the descriptions of the boys and girls learning how to swim at school. They had to stand in line, naked, to get their school issued swim suit or swim trunks. I had to do that in high school. We stood in line, naked, and walked through a huge shower and went by a window and shouted, small or large, like it mattered, and the attendant would toss us our suit, stretched out and faded red t-shirt type fabric. This was in the early 1970s. And, in the same issue is a short, short, "YMCA," by Edward Micus that has the six and seven year old boys learning how to swim, naked again, and noticing all the differences in each others' bodies. I don't often read poems but "So We Shot" really struck me as the theme of it, for me, is how young boys grow up into soldiers and what happens afterwards. A short story I'm working on, "1969," includes the Vietnam War also and has a theme, I think, of a young girl and young boy who wonder about whether or not they will know how to be adults.

The Wax Paper, which I just received in the mail, also inspired me to pull Studs Terkel's Chicago off of my bookshelf and read it. The Wax Paper, from their manifesto, "was inspired by the work of Louis "Studs" Terkel. Our name is taken after his first radio show, The Wax Museum." It's printed quarterly and arrives nicely wrapped in wax paper with a wax seal!