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28 July, 2011

Susan Minot, "Pole, Pole"

Daisy is a journalist / filmmaker; she's in Kenya and has sex with a man whose name we never learn. Not much happens; it's a vignette. Daisy is attracted to "the man" and allows him to take her to his house after dancing all evening. At the end of the story, "pole, pole" is explained.

There are a number of cliche phrases: "It was a welcome feeling." "...couldn't get over how much..." "She peeked out of one eye." "His voice was still gentle but the honey had gone out of it." "...seemed to deflate..." "...made the mistake of looking into his face."  "Her heart was pounding." "It felt eerie..." "...feeling suddenly transparent like a flame..." "...took her breath away." When I read these, it took me out of the story for a second or two. It may have been my attitude toward "the man" that put me on the track of marking every tiny thing that annoyed me.

Third-person limited POV, about 5,000 words, past tense. Quotation marks are not used for dialogue but is handled well, I think.

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