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01 October, 2015

Angela Mitchell, "Not From Here"

Told in first-person point of view, we see Libby's, a young teen's, urge for another kind of life. A life well out of her reach, at least for now. She's taken advantage of by the school bus driver, repeatedly. Libby desperately wants to see how Annette Clark, a school mate, lives. Libby wonders why and how some people live nicely and cleanly and some don't, "how she got to live in one kind of way and I got to live in another," and "it looks like somebody's bothering to keep things fixed."

Carve Magazine, 2015
The ending is wonderful in that it's not exactly expected but it makes perfect sense and is also fulfilling for the reader. I have some hope for Libby because she is a thinking girl and "I start counting the days until I get that car and don't have to stay here." So while, on the one hand, it's a sad and depressing situation for Libby, it feels like she'll come out of it, not unscathed, but she'll survive and be the stronger for it. She's not materialistic but thinks how much the cat relaxing on the sofa is the epitome of how she'd like to live and thinks she might one day have a cat.

I also enjoyed the suspense when Libby was snooping in the Clark's house and spending too much time in the bathroom. I was nervous she'd be caught.

"Not From Here" is in the current issue of Carve magazine, Summer 2015. Also included is a nice interview with Angela and the magazine's editor, Matthew Limpede.

"What I did was ask if I could get off the bus to use the bathroom, but I waited until we was almost to the Clark girls' stop to do it."

"It smells like something clean and it's made me think that I'm not sure what I smell like."

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