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04 July, 2010

C. E. Morgan, "Twins"

"Twins" by C.E. Morgan is included in the fiction issue of The New Yorker. It's written in 3rd person POV and contains many descriptive passages. For example, "...until the fumes rose and drew down the sky to a low lid the color of aluminum...." The story's main character is a poor woman, Marie, with a set of twin boys, one much darker and the other. The father, "Mike Shaughnessy, truck driver, half-hearted Lothario, collector of children, poor Irish agnate..." I have to confess I only read 1/2 of the story. While it is descriptive, it doesn't read like a short story and I didn't have a sense that anything was really going to happen or that there was a conflict brewing. It was, to me, seeming like really good reportage of a day in a woman's life with two children. I like and need a sense of building tension or underlying mystery or that today is a momentous day in the life of the main character.