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12 June, 2010

Giulio Mozzi, "Carlo Doesn't Know How to Read"

An Italian short story about reading and not-reading, philosophical metafiction about reading and seeing. Carlo cannot read but Carlo reads a lot. Carlo doesn't see, for example, the word door, he sees a door. It's interesting to ponder the nature of reading, seeing, memory, imagination. The story is only about 5 pages long and translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris who is a professor at the University of North Dakota. Giulio Mozzi has published over twenty books. I think the story is summed up pretty well with this quote. "...Carlo realized, while they talked, that he really couldn't read--he could only see--and while his friends could read, could look at books and read them, read the words, words like "door" and "blue," even proper nouns like "Raymond" and "Evelyn"--while his friends could do all this--they really couldn't see."

This story is included in Best European Fiction 2010.

Here is a link to another one of Mozzi's stories, again translated by Elizabeth Harris, "Glass " published in Agni Online.