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14 October, 2015

Shabnam Nadiya, "Eating Bone"

In this short, short story we see Disha leave her house after her husband has belittled her yet again. She's a wife of ten years and is being threatened with divorce because she is childless. Disha believes that divorce is only applicable for her maid not someone in her upper class neighborhood. She goes for a walk and passes by a restaurant serving roasted chicken. She takes one home and gets naked and eats it on the bed. She decides that she is going to eat the bones like her mother used to do. Her husband stands at the door watching her. The only power she has is devouring meat as well as the bones. She devours powerlessness. There is no other food in the house.

"Eating Bone" was published in the Raleigh Review, Volume 2, 2010-2011. It is available, click here, to read online. It's quite a catching story. I love the ending. And, I think it is one to which all women can relate. "Eating Bone" was also published in Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World.

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