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16 May, 2011

Heidi Naylor, "Revolver"

This short story, "Revolver" is the winner of the journal New Letters competition. "Revolver" is written in an really close third-person POV, almost omniscient except that it never goes into anyone else's mind. Klink, Unteroffizier Heinrich D. Klinkenberger, now just Hal Klink was a soldier in WWII. Commanded to kill a Russian woman and her two children but she instead asks for his revolver and kills herself and her children. After the war, Klink moved to the United States and married and had one child.

The first line made me think of the sitcom Hogan's Heroes with Colonel Klink. I guess that sets my age.

The story begins with him attending a Memorial Day ceremony at a cemetery and his memory of the day at the Russian line near Otradnoye when he'd been ordered to kill the woman hiding in a cellar. He's never told anyone the story and each year the burden of the memory affects him.

"Klink feels that his daughter's flat face; her thick body, cased in course skin and dotted with moles, has been too heavy a source of sorrow."

Heidi Naylor winner, New Letters
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