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06 June, 2012

Augustín Fernández Paz, "This Strange Lucidity"

This interesting short story is written from the viewpoint of a dog. He and his master were killed and for one year have the opportunity to "say goodbye" to loved ones. The story starts with the man--never named--and the dog, Argos, watching the Woman's windows and for a bit we do not know what has happened. Early, in the first chapter, there are clues that the characters are ghosts. "If you could see me," is the first clue.

The theme of regret is carefully sprinkled throughout the story with a light touch, "but now I realize they could have been just as interesting as the hours we spent out walking." And, "It occurs to me now how silly I was, there were plenty of things to occupy my attention." "If I could relive them, I would pay attention to the sounds of life I previously ignored."

The story is 12 pages long; written in first person POV of the dog, Argos. I liked this story a lot and some might find the dog's viewpoint a gimmick but it works well for me and I especially love the treatment of the theme of paying attention.

"This Strange Lucidity" is included in the 2012 edition of Best European Fiction.

Augustín Fernández Paz's web page