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16 August, 2009

Lydia Peelle, "Shadow on a Weary Land"

Read Lydia Peelle's short story, "Shadow on a Weary Land."
She uses a first-person, shifting omniscient point-of-view and
weaves history of Frank and Jesse James, changes in the
land, so-called development, religion, clairvoyency, drug-use,
etc. The overall theme is change.

14 August, 2009

Lydia Peelle, "Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing"

I read most of the stories in Lydia Peelle's book, Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing, while on vacation. These stories are wonderful; the characters rough and rowdy. While most of her people are grappling with big issues of sanity and loss of love; they are mostly like the rest of us, just wanting to get by and be cared about, even those who are sometimes despicable.

Gave little thought to "Woodie Hart" for the past week while we were in Wisconsin.