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19 May, 2015

Thomas Pierce, "Felix Not Arriving"

Third person story of Felix and his new girlfriend, Laura, as they travel to visit his four-year old child, Hank, and one-night stand girlfriend, Bet. Bet is having an engagement party and plans to marry JT who helps his father fun a carpet cleaning business. In a sense JT will be cleaning up Felix's mess. Mostly the story is about Felix who is a stand-up comedian who is rarely funny and has succumbed to a voice over job with which he is not happy nor proud. It's told in present tense which helps give it an immediacy. The story is well written--I enjoyed it--and included in Pierce's collection, Hall of Small Mammals.

Link to Thomas Pierce's web page
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01 April, 2015

Thomas Pierce, "Shirley Temple Three"

by Scott Musgrove
A funny and odd story in which an extinct mammal is cloned and brought back from extinction for a television show called Back from Extinction. Mawmaw, Tommy's mother, is tasked with pet sitting this creature named Shirley Temple Three. The southern voice and Bible belt mentality are hilarious. A crazy story for a crazy world except that Mawmaw, Pastor Frank and Tommy are probably and fearfully not altogether that rare. An interesting melding of scientific imaginings and old fashioned Bible thumping.

The story is told in 3rd person POV, present tense and is about 27 pages long.

"Shirley Temple Three" was first published in the Dec. 24 + 31, 2012 issue of the New Yorker. It's now the first story in Pierce's 2014 publication Hall of Small Mammals.

full text of the story online at The New Yorker
link to author's web page