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04 November, 2011

David James Poissant, "Refund"

Joy and Sam are the parents of a six-year old son, Josh, and they differ in their opinions of how a smart child should be raised. There are some heartbreaking scenes. Joy and Sam both feel they have not striven for their potential. Joy wants to achieve success and greatness vicariously through Josh and Sam tries to convince himself that he's happy with himself but has a chip on his shoulder. When he witnesses the real danger for his son he decides it's time to take action and responsibility.

There are some humorous scenes and some tender ones as well. "Refund" is written in first-person point of view, Sam's, and is 29 pages long. I think it is a really nicely written story and I enjoyed it very much and even with the quotidian subject matter it had a nice suspense to it.

FAVORITE LINE: "For the first time, I worried about the welfare of my son's hairy carrots."

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