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26 September, 2010

Julie Hensley, "Accidents" and David Ramsey, "Itch"

This short story was enjoyable with a building suspense; I was intrigued. So, when I was nearly finished reading it and found out the issue with Olivia (Livie), I felt a little disappointed. The ending seemed an easy epiphany. I had felt the rising tension was going to reveal something tragic, dangerous or, at least, mysterious. However, the story was a nice read.

This story is included in Fall 2010 issue of The Pinch, from the University of Memphis. Richard Bausch, one of my favorite authors, holds the Moss Chair of Excellence there. And, Hensley is an assistant professor of creative writing at Eastern Kentucky University.


The Pinch journal
Creative Writing, Eastern Kentucky University

The short story "Itch" by David Ramsey is written in third-person point-of-view of a dead man. The story was fun to read but I'm not sure it is a whole story. While it is interesting to see this dead man who is bothered by an itch travel around much like a ghost, he doesn't seem to come to any conclusions or final thoughts.

This story is also published in the current issue of The Pinch.