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03 May, 2013

Leon Rooke, "The Ice House Gang"

The first story, "The Ice House Gang," in Rooke's collection, Last One Home Has to Sleep in the
Yellow Bed, is a first-person, present-tense story about Sydney's flirting with her husband when she asks him what he wants for dinner. I assume they are married though there is no proof in the text. I also assume the child playing outdoors is theirs. The story is only 6 1/2 pages long and captures a relationship between a man and woman still deeply attracted to each other even after "I have seen her a thousand times undressed..." The story is told almost wholly through one encounter they had, "one hot summer" sometime in the past.

I pulled this book from the shelf as I was browsing at the library because of the great title.

Rooke was born in 1934 and moved to Canada in 1969.

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