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07 June, 2014

Davy Rothbart, "Human Snowball"

The story includes a full cast of characters: a car thief, a young man hopelessly in love, a mother of four grown children, a pregnant young woman, a forty-year old dishwasher, a Chinese girl trying to go to college, a bartender, a 110 year old man, a Chinese restaurant owner and his wife, and a bar bouncer. On the author's web page, "Human Snowball" is referred to as an essay. It definitely reads like a short story. For me, the theme is that life is short and often difficult but that there are those moments of bliss. The whole story is reiterated in the snowball scene where the kids are having a terrific time making a snowman, joyful, then they smash it down.

"Human Snowball" was first published in The Paris Review and then included in the 2014 issue of Pushcart Prize XXXVIII: Best of the Small Presses.

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