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18 December, 2011

Patricia Ann Sanders, "A Gift"

"A Gift" is only five pages long, written in first-person point of view and made up of a bunch of separate scenes that read like confessions. The protagonist was abused as a child, married and divorced, studied math in hopes it would help her obtain a job, was a waitress, and in the end was finally able to sell her ex-husband's Acura. Early in the story, she had a car that she couldn't afford to drive and did not have the title so she could not sell it. The car as a motif reflected her situation. The car could have provided her an escape or money and since she didn't have "permission" the car was of no help.

I like the story and although it feels a bit disjointed, I think all the parts easily enough add up to make a whole story. It's up to the reader to link the scenes and relate them to create a full character in the protagonist.

Patricia Ann Sanders attended the Warren Wilson MFA program for writers.

"A Gift" was published in nor [New Ohio Review] in Fall 2011 issue.

"I was living in a godforsaken studio and buying food for one day at a time, stealing toilet paper from the bathrooms at the mall, with a twenty-three-thousand -dollar car parked under my window."
"When I was fourteen I decided I needed to be more assertive."

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