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09 October, 2014

Heather Sappenfield, "More Scope & Kindness & Power in My Books: An Interview with George Saunders"

A few of my favorite statements from the interview published in the October/November 2014 issue of Writer's Chronicle.

"Just so in a story: we make this artificial construct so we can observe human behavior in an exaggerated presentation. And mostly we do that because it is pleasurable to do so, for mysterious reasons."

"I think the best humor comes from being truthful at a time when we would normally be politely dishonest."

"We seem to take comfort in the idea that we can have thoughts and theories about art--and of course we can--but the relation between our thoughts/theories and the actual production of good writing is nebulous, alas. I see thinking and theorizing as support activities, the purpose of which is to get us to the main activity--which is instantaneous and intuitive and irreducible."