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01 July, 2010

Salvatore Scibona, "The Kid"

This story, "The Kid," by Salvatore Scibona is included in this month's New Yorker. It's written in 3rd person POV shifting between Elroy and Janis, the young boy. Elroy Heflin is stationed with the army in Latvia, gets a woman pregnant and when she abandons the boy to Elroy, he in turn leaves the young boy in the airport. The story is heartbreaking and focuses mostly on plot. Although, there are some really nice observations, such as "And some of the adults around him began to think that their solicitousness only aggravated his distress." However, "...but he couldn't bear to take her up on it." (doing his laundry) doesn't sound true to character. Perhaps he didn't want her to do his laundry but the reason didn't ring true. Also, when Elroy is eating a plum, the description is vivid and wonderful except the way it's written could be better.