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21 May, 2016

Maura Stanton, "My Amazing Career as an Animal Channeler"

Pam cheated on Sean and he asks her to leave. So, she goes to her sister's in Sedona and becomes an animal channeler. The story is fun and reminds one that all people and animals need each other for comfort and love and understanding. Also, the story reminds one that a place with a certain reputation can have an effect on what people think and believe, or want to believe. Another theme is going with the flow, taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

The author, Maura Stanton, teaches at Indiana University in Bloomington. "My Amazing Career as an Animal Channeler" was published in issue 25 of Red Rock Review.

01 January, 2015

Therese Stanton, "Is That You, Walt Whitman?"

This story is in a really close 3rd person POV. Walt Whitman is in the throes of writing Leaves of Grass in 1855 in Brooklyn. He's frustrated with his typesetting job of a pamphlet about abolishing slavery. He goes home and falls asleep fully clothed. When he wakes he feels like an explosion has occurred. The author tries to show Transcendentalism in its process, "for the first time he understood the word bliss."

Favorite Lines:
"One can only try, he thought, to get words to pin down a bit of unreality here and there before they take off again. He reached for his pencil and began."

"Is That You, Walt Whitman?" was published in 2011 in A Public Space.