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06 January, 2016

Shubha Sunder, "Jungleman"

"Jungleman" moves point of view, section by section, between Lorrie and Varun. Lorrie is a young photographer attempting to follow in her famous father's photography footsteps. She's immature and defensive. Varun has been charged with delivering her from the Gundlupet bus depot and in general watching after her. His wife, an ornithologist, died just a month earlier. The most interesting aspect of the story is the shifting in POV and that one of the characters is a foreigner so we see and feel her fears and lack of knowledge of the place as well as, native Indian, Varun's attitudes towards her.

Both Lorrie and Varun have lost a loved one. Lorrie is following her father's travels. Varun is wary of her and feels that his wife actually contributed something to society in her work with children. He somewhat harshly criticized Lorrie, only in his thinking. He actually takes pretty good care of her and chastised himself when he forgot to bring extra water for her. Lorrie has wanted to take his photograph all along and he has not allowed it by turning away or covering his face. She's impetuous.

Each section is from Lorrie or Varun's viewpoint, written in present tense and includes rich descriptions of the sounds of the forest in India near, perhaps, the Bandipur National Park.

Published in the current, Fall 2015, issue of Crazyhorse and was the First Prize Winner of the Crazyhorse Fiction Prize. Sunder was the third place winner of Narrative Magazine's 2012 contest for her story, "The Western Tailor."