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23 February, 2012

Wells Tower

I enjoyed hearing Wells Towers speak today at the University of North Texas.

28 May, 2011

Wells Tower, "Raw Water"

This story, "Raw Water," is divided into 14 sections or scenes and written in an omniscient viewpoint or really, to me, it seems more of a 3rd person shifting POV. Cora and Rodney drive from Boston to the desert, presumably New Mexico / Arizona area, called Anasazi Trough. They've purchased a house sight unseen in a housing development called Triton Estates in the city of Port Miracle. The time is in the future and desalination is necessary as well as creation of inland seas of ocean water to correct rising sea levels. Throw in a trio of teenagers, a sick real estate man, his elderly wife nursing their newborn Nathan and Cora, Rodney's wife, who likes the red color of the fake ocean for her photography and I'm not sure what you have but it's a romp through a dysfunctional neighborhood in a dysfunctional natural / unnatural environment of the future.

"Raw Water" was first published in McSweeney's and subsequently selected to be included in the Best American Short Stories, 2010.

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