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28 April, 2015

Catherine Tudish, "A Thousand Souls"

Stewart Prime's father, mother and brother were killed on a Ferris wheel as he recovered in the hospital from a tonsillectomy. He was only six at the time. We see how this event affected his adult life, children and marriage. He became a mail carrier in a rural area which allowed him time for thinking, "... how a tiny thing... can change a person's life forever." When his wife had her nude portrait painted, it caused Stewart to question what it meant which was yet another question for which he never got an answer. The first was "Is it possible to remember something if you weren't there when it happened?" Stewart decided that " the numbers on the face of a to let it turn..."

I enjoyed the story very much. The voice of the protagonist is realistic, consistent and of someone you might know and care about. Another thing I like about this story is that it shows how we can never really know or understand what another person thinks or feels. It's impossible, but doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

The story is told in first-person POV, present tense, with most of the story as a back story, and is eleven pages long. "A Thousand Souls" was published in The Gettysburg Review, summer 2014 issue.