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07 June, 2015

Robert Walser, "Sunday Walk (I)"

Three-page story in third person POV. It was Sunday and a man went for a walk. He had pleasant thoughts of art and poetry. He believed that "it just as fine a thing to be human and go for a walk as to sit at his desk and successfully turn out books."

Walser published a novella titled, The Walk. I only have one collection, Masquerade and Other Stories, on my shelves by Walser and included in it is "Sunday Walk (I)." I was inspired to pull it off the shelf while I was reading Maria Popova's Brain Pickings blog.  My edition includes an introductory essay by William H. Gass who states that Walser "accepts insanity as his true profession." And, "Walser paints a postcard world."And, "No writer I know employs the adjectives and adverbs of value so repeatedly, with such real appreciation and conviction, with such relentless resentment."

Favorite Line in the story:
"'There's not a single honest man among these holy rollers,' the host declared."