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18 January, 2017

Kristie Wang, "Where I Was Going"

First person point of view story about Evelyn and her difficulties trying to become an actress, how her naiveté lands her in some compromising situations along with a loser boyfriend who will never be an asset. There's enough backstory about her mother to show the reader how this young woman's life started on its trajectory. There were a couple of times I wanted to yell into the book for Evelyn not to believe what she was thinking. "I wondered about the moment when Troy and Alex would meet, whether they would recognize instantly that they were rivals." Goodness, she's hoping against hope that two men want or care about her. Troy was using her all along and didn't care one bit for her acting in the play and the reader knows that he's not going to show. Troy and Alex would never meet. "Where I Was Going" is convincing and poignant.

This is one of my favorite lines because it efficiently illustrates the desperation of the narrator. "I wanted to run out into traffic, just to know that I could make something happen."

Another one of my favorite lines: "It was like deciding to set fire to your own house, because it was the only way you could bear parting with all the worthless shit you'd collected."

"Where I Was Going" by Kristie Wang is in issue 9 of Grist: The Journal for Writers.