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09 October, 2010

Claire Vaye Watkins, "Man-O-War"

"Man-O-War" is number 140 from One-Story. Edwin (Bud) Harris, a sixty-seven year old retired miner, finds an unconscious girl on the bottom of the dry lake bed the day after the Fourth of July. He takes her to his cabin, many miles from nowhere. She tells him some of her troubles and Harris finds himself caring and planning for and with the girl. The writing is nice and descriptions are evocative of place. However, I lost faith in the story when the fireworks were set off at just the same time Harris and the girl touched for the first and only time. This scene turned the story into a predictable movie scene, for me. And, the lost pregnancy of Carrie Ann, Harris's ex-wife and the pregnancy of this girl, Magda for Magdalena, of course, feels contrived and too convenient. However, those complaints aside, the writing is beautiful and I enjoyed learning something about minerals, although mostly just names.

One-Story, interview with Watkins