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27 May, 2013

Adam Wilson, "What's Important Is Feeling"

"What's Important Is Feeling" was first published in The Paris Review, December 2011 issue. It's a first-person POV story about a guy who does lockup on a movie set in Texas. There are quite a few funny lines but I don't really get the significance, i.e. theme, of this story. There are a lot of great details but, for me, I had a hard time relating to the characters. I did find the opening about the chiggers pretty wonderful. I suppose maybe I'm making it too difficult. The title does tell us what's important, feeling. These people in the story are not feeling, except for the bug bites. They are shallow and their so-called film doesn't mean much to anyone except marginally more for Felix.

It is the final story in the anthology, Best American Short Stories, 2012.

"Felix's script was different: sexy, savage, utterly bleak. In short: Art."

"We wanted a movie that might one day be called a 'film,' that we could refer to at a dinner party ten years down the line, light a cigarette, and say, 'We were naive kids."

And, there is a hilarious scene straight out of an Elvis Presley movie where the star strums on his guitar late at night and everyone, one at a time, emerges from their room to listen. LOL

The title of the story comes from this line: "Thinking's overrated," Felix said. "What's important is feeling."

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