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14 September, 2010

Zinovy Zinik, "A Ticket to Spare"

photo of Zinik from United Agents
 Short story included in Zinik's collection, One-way Ticket. Originally written in Russian and translated by Frank Williams. The story is written in first-person point-of-view. The story begins at a Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong concert in Kiev in the early 1970s. The freedom of the jazz excites the people of Kiev and Moscow. The main characater has scored a ticket much to his surprise and happiness; his friend who gave him the ticket had decided that he would rather stay in Moscow to participate in a hunger strike. After the concert, in a case of mistaken identity--I presume his friend was the expected party-- he is invited into a shop to join a group of Jews. After he is rebuked and sent away, he returns to Moscow and realizes that he had been in Kiev on the anniversary of the Nazi slaughter of over 33,000 Jews, Babi Yar. 

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